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Own, play, explore and trade in RaceFi Ecosystem, the virtual world and car racing game.

About Us

RaceFi is a Decentralised Metaverse & Car Racing game with Web3 infrastructure. We are proudly built on Solana, BNB Chain, Polygon Unreal Engine, AI/ML. RaceFi is a complete ecosystem encompassing every aspect of the racing industry to keep you glued to the game. The objective here is to provide gamers with the most imaginative gaming experience coupled with lucrative monetization options and contribute the adoption of Blockchain technology.

Owned by Players

Backed by the blockchain, RaceFi gives players true ownership of their in-game assets and metaverse assets. Utilizing the power of NFTs, assets you earn in games are owned by yourself and live forever on the blockchain.

Versatile NFTs

Assets can be used across the whole ecosystem. Metaverse combining Decentralized Finance and Games creating an ecosystem where players and collectors come together in one world.

Game Modes

Pure Race

For PvE mode, players will directly drive and control their cars and overcome challenges along the road within a limited time to win the prize and experience points. This game mode is recommended for players who have strong need for speed and fast reflexes. For PvP mode, use your drive skill to outplay rivals and take the first place with amazing prizes. This mode is perfect for competitive players. Go fast or go home!

Battle Race

For users that want a more competitive edge, Battle Race will let players upgrade their cars with battle features such as guns, shields, and powerful fuel of nitrogen to be eligible for battle mode. Each match will have a maximum of 8 racers. There will be no time limit or finish line in this mode, giving players the chance to continue to race and attack each other until there is only one victory car remaining. This is comparable to a battle royale in other game settings.

Leaderboard & Tournament

Players who have a high rank on the leaderboard every quarter will be rewarded as an incentive and our appreciation towards our top players. Moreover, the game publisher will collaborate with the Council of Players to organize semi-annual tournaments in spring and summer. The players will join in racing teams and winners of tournaments will be rewarded with valuable token prizes and unique seasonal NFTs.

Own - Play - Earn

Play & Earn


Earn crypto tokens by racing your digital asset NFTs Car in PvP, PvE, Battle Race, competing with others to write your name on the legendary leaderboard and teaming up to participate in semi-annual tournaments.

Into the metaverse


RaceFi metaverse is a seamless integration of the real and virtual worlds that runs on multiple blockchains: Solana, BSC, Polygon, and Avax. Citizens can design their living spaces of dream, learn more about web3, entertain, socialize and monetize their experience.

Trade on the Marketplace

Racetrack Land


Metropolis Land (Coming Soon)

Gas Station (Coming Soon)

Garage (Coming Soon)

Billboard Land

Explore RaceFi ecosystem with various in-game digital assets in form of NFTs which you can own, sell and trade on RaceFi Marketplace Racetrack Land, Cars, Metropolis Land, Gas Station, Garage, Billboard Land.

Hall of fame Billboards - Promoting Collaboration


If you want your brand to appear in our tournaments and campaigns on racetracks, apply now!



Own, play, explore and trade in RaceFi Ecosystem


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