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Racing Pit-Crew

What is the RaceFi:
Web3 Pit-crew?


Web3 Pit-crew is a program to encourage RaceFi's community to create engaging and original content.

When applying for RaceFi Pit-crew, community members will have the chance to receive a variety of benefits including special rewards, giveaways, promotions on RaceFi social channels, and more!

Discover how to become a RaceFi Pit Crew member now!

Who can apply?


Content creators who share a passion for RaceFi and are willing to contribute to enrich the community and educate others via engaging ways such as videos, livestreams, images and more.

What is content criteria
for social platform?


For Youtube

  • Video content can be game-related (game review, livestream while playing RaceFi, feature testing, etc.) or a combination with creative content related to RaceFi.
  • 1+ video per month with a minimum of 150+ views total.


For Twitter

  • Unique, creative content in image, video or other media format that engages followers and viewers.
  • Tag @racefi_io and use hashtags: #RACEFI #RaceFiGame #RaceFiNFTs #RaceFiPitcrew
  • At least 30 followers


For Twitch

  • The content can be creative or game-related streams.
  • Minimum 10+ average viewers per stream.
  • Minimum 180+ minutes (3+ hours) total streamed per month.


To award the prizes, we will select 20 accounts from each platform that have the most captivating, unique, and viral content while also satisfying our criteria.

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